California Surfing

California surfer © M@mad

A lot comes to mind with California surfing, from Beach Boy serenades to the edgy skate style of Dogtown, or epic big waves of Mavericks. But what these all have in common is the wave-producing coastline of California. Northern California leaves surfers to the elements, with big storm swells and big storm weather. These are not ideal surfing conditions but seclusion and striking rugged scenery are the norm off the coast of Humboldt and Sonoma Counties. Central California is much more popular among surfers but has nothing near the surf culture in the south.

Santa Cruz is best visited during winter and unique surf spots can be discovered along Monterey. Southern California is the surf epicentre, although by no means a small one. From Santa Barbara to L.A. to San Diego, the coastline offers prime waves. The more popular areas push limits of how many can surf the same wave. For observers, Malibu is the place to soak in surf history and culture.