Registan Square

Registan Square

Registan Square is Uzbekistan most popular sight, its substantial portals, domes and minarets visible from just about everywhere in the city.

Of the three madrassahs (religious schools) in Registan Square, Ulugbek Madrassah is the oldest, dating from 1417. The main façade is covered with splendid...  see full details

Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Samarkand

Bibi Khanum Mosque

The outstanding monument of ancient architecture in Uzbekistan is Bibi Khanum Mosque which towers above the city as a giant silhouette. The distinctive blue dome is designed to emulate the sky while the building features sparkling walls, tall minarets, and wide portals of white...  see full details

Gur Emir

Gur Emir

From a distance Gur Emir looks like a blue tulip, with tightly folded turquoise petals. The remains of great sovereign Amir Temur and his offspring are interred here. The richly decorated gravestones are made of onyx and have fine carvings and dedicatory inscriptions. Also...  see full details

Samanid's tomb

Samanid's Mausoleum

One of the oldest monuments in Bukhara is the Ismail Samanid mausoleum, built at the beginning of the 10th century by the founder of the Samanid dynasty. The mausoleum looks rather like a brick cube covered with a hemisphere-shaped cupola. The cube symbolizes the...  see full details

Lyab-i Hauz


The Lyab-i-Hauz is the tree-shaded area surrounding the last-surviving hauz (public pond) in downtown Bukhara. Although public ponds were once widespread in Bukhara, many of them were filled in during the 1920s and 30s; however, the Lyab-i-Hauz was left to stand - principally because...  see full details

Afrasiab mural


The ancient fort-city of Afrasiab - thought to have been occupied between 500 BC and 1220 AD - was an important stop along the Silk Road, and the centre of the Sogdian Empire. These days, the site is an archaeological marvel, simply emanating...  see full details