Ukraine Currency

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The official currency is the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), which is divided into 100 kopiyka. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday until 3pm. US Dollars and Euros are exchanged easily at banks and currency offices, and while other currencies can also be exchanged, they are not as widely accepted. ATMs are widely available in all major towns and cities. Major restaurants, shops, and hotels accept Visa, MasterCard, and EuroCard. However, credit cards are not widely accepted, particularly in remote areas and smaller establishments. Outside the main cities, it is advisable to carry a supply of local currency.

Currency Exchange Rates

UAH 1.00 = AED 0.15 AUD 0.06 CAD 0.05 EUR 0.04 NZD 0.06 GBP 0.03 USD 0.04 ZAR 0.60

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.