Street festivities, Bucharest

Bucharest Street Music Festival

The Bucharest Street Music Festival takes place every year against the backdrop of the cobbled alleys and winding roads of the medieval old city. With more than 400 international artists, the event and the skilled artists involved evoke the music and traditions of the...  see full details

EuropaFest performer


Romania's main cultural event, EurpaFest is an international music festival held every spring, attracting performers and festival goers from over 50 countries. The main event is centered around concerts by top classical jazz, bluesm and rock musicians, held at some of Bucharest's finest venues....  see full details

Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Sighisoara Medieval Festival

The town of Sighisoara hosts the Sighisoara Medieval Festival in summer each year. The birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula, is transformed into a medieval town as townspeople and visitors don Middle-Age garments and take part in dance competitions, night concerts, and clambakes....  see full details