Myanmar Currency

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The official currency is the kyat (MMK) - pronounced 'Chat'. The best foreign currency to travel on in Myanmar is the US dollar, but it is less of an alternative currency than it once was. Notes will not be accepted if they are damaged or torn in any way, or have pen marks on them.

There is a big difference between the official and unofficial exchange rates in Myanmar, with street moneychangers offering more favourable rates than official channels. It's risky to change money with people on the street, though many tourists do.

ATMs accepting international credit cards are increasingly common in cities, towns and tourist areas, but machines don't always work in areas that are off the beaten track.

Currency Exchange Rates

MMK 100.00 = AED 0.25 AUD 0.10 CAD 0.09 EUR 0.06 NZD 0.10 GBP 0.05 USD 0.07 ZAR 0.99

Note: These currency exchange rates are not updated daily and should be used as a guideline only.