Jeita Grotto caves of Lebanon

Jeita Grotto

Undoubtedly Lebanon's premier sight, the Jeita Grotto is a must-see tourist attraction. Located just 14 miles (about 22km) from Beirut, the Jeita Grotto is an underground complex consisting of two separate, but connected, limestone caves, spanning an overall length of 5.6 miles (about...  see full details

Baalbek Temple Complex

Temples of Baalbek

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temple complex found at Baalbek contains the world's best surviving example of imperial Roman architecture. The small town in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley is just 53 miles (86km) from Beirut.

An ancient area rich in history, it...  see full details

Our Lady of Lebanon

Our Lady of Lebanon

Our Lady of Lebanon is a bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, painted white for added splendour. It dates back to the 19th century, erected on a hill overlooking the beautiful Bay of Jounieh. A major Lebanese pilgrimage site, the statue is...  see full details