Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Every summer, Japan prepares for the numerous fireworks (hanabi) festivals held throughout the nation. The biggest of these is the display over the Sumida River, which is a major event on the cultural calendar of Tokyo, with spectacular multi-coloured layers that blossom into the...  see full details

Hanami party

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Heralding the beginning of spring, cherry trees burst into a riot of pink and white blossoms all over Japan and the spectacle is so lovely that this is the most popular time to visit the country. Tokyo attracts thousands of holidaymakers daily...  see full details

Sanja Festival

Sanja Festival

The Sanja Matsuri or Sanja Festival is the biggest of Tokyo's three great festivals, along with the Kanda Festival and Sanno Festival, which alternate every year. During the annual festival thousands of frenzied devotees gather for traditional portable shrine processions, ancient ritual music and...  see full details

Grand Prix

Japanese F1 Grand Prix

The Japanese Grand Prix usually falls towards the end of the Formula One season and has over the years provided much excitement, and often been the track to crown the season's champion. About 13 World Champions have been crowned at the Japanese event. The...  see full details

A 16 mm spring-wound Bolex

Tokyo International Film Festival

Each year, the Tokyo International Film Festival exclusively screens new and exciting films in cinemas around Roppongi Hills. Film buffs enjoy world premieres by both the world and Japan's top directors and filmmakers, as well as vote for a favourite film in the...  see full details