Equatorial Guinea is relatively unexplored by tourists due to the lack of infrastructure and the difficulty of getting around, not to mention the official penchant for demanding bribes and permits frequently along the way. For those brave enough to take on the inconveniences and delays which are sadly quite inevitable on a trip to Equatorial Guinea, the beautiful rainforests and beaches will compensate. Although the big cities of Malabo and Bata have a handful of interesting landmarks and markets for sightseers, the country's attractions are primarily natural, luring conservationists, animal lovers and adventurers.

From Bata it is possible to explore the lovely coastline of the mainland, and it is only a short trip to Monte Alen National Park and all the wonders of the rainforest. Here aspiring naturalists can seek out many different primate species, including mountain gorillas, and enjoy long hikes and rustic campsites in the jungle.

Malabo, the capital, is generally the starting point for a holiday in Equatorial Guinea and the city can keep tourists happily occupied for a day or two with its colonial charm and oil-fuelled expat scene. However, the real paradise lies beyond the city, in the Bioko rainforest and along the black beaches of the volcanic island, where turtles have their nesting grounds. A visit to the small village of San Antonio de Ureca, on the southern coast of Bioko, is a great adventure. For shorter excursions out of Malabo, hiking up one of the three inactive volcanoes near the city is popular and fun, earning visitors amazing views.

Bata Cathedral


Bata is a colourful, charming city on the mainland of Equatorial Guinea. The country's largest city is home to a vibrant nightlife, wonderful markets, and some of the best hotels in the country. Visitors can stroll down wide streets, barter at the markets,...  see full details

Goliath Frog

Monte Alen National Park

The Monte Alen National Park is one of Equatorial Guinea's best kept secrets. Located 37 miles (60km) southeast of Bata, on the mainland, the park boasts lush rainforest and astonishing wildlife. Visitors can see chimpanzees, forest elephants, crocodiles and even mountain gorillas if...  see full details



Today Malabo is booming thanks to the petroleum business. The capital, on the island of Bioko, is beautifully situated on the brink of a volcanic crater with lush rainforest visible on the horizon and a picturesque and wild coastline. Malabo has a sizable...  see full details

Baby Green Sea Turtle


Ureca is nestled in an unspoiled natural paradise on the coast of Bioko Island. The town has the dubious honour of being the rainiest place in Africa, but the stunning black sandy beaches and pristine rainforest make Ureca an exciting and beautiful...  see full details