Equatorial Guinea Airports

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Saint Isabel International Airport (SSG)

Location: The airport is situated five miles (8km) west of Malabo.
Time: Local time us GMT +1.
Getting to the city: The safest and most common option for transport from the airport is to arrange a shuttle or taxi in advance through a hotel, organisation or other host.
Car rental: Car rental is available at the airport; hiring a driver with the car is recommended as driving in Malabo can be a difficult experience due to poor road conditions and many police check points.
Airport Taxis: Taxis are generally available at the airport, but travellers should be cautious when choosing them and agree on a fare before departure.
Facilities: Visitors should anticipate limited and basic services and facilities at the airport.
Parking: Parking is available at the airport.
Website: www.airportia.com/equatorial-guinea/malabo-airport