Dominican Republic Wind- and Kitesurfing

Kite © Jeff

Cabarete is ranked as one of the top ten windsurfing destinations in the world, and Cabarete Bay is the capital of windsurfing in the Caribbean. The conditions are also fantastic for kitesurfing or kiteboarding, and international competitions for both sports are held here every year. Kite Beach is considered to be the best place in the world for kitesurfing.

Consistent easterly trade winds blow across the bay all year round, and are light in the morning to suit beginners, while stronger winds whip up the waves for more experienced wind and kite-surfers in the afternoons. The reef surrounding the bay provides protected and flatter waters within the bay, as well as wavy conditions for wave jumping on and outside of it. In winter the winds tend to be lighter, but waves are at their biggest, while summer provides flatter conditions and stronger winds. Numerous wind and kite-surfing schools and centres offer lessons, as well as equipment for rent.