Cuba is a country like no other: visitors here experience the thrill of novelty, of being in unfamiliar territory. There is much to see and do, particularly if you enjoy Havana's majestically decaying colonial architecture and revolutionary artefacts infused with communist iconography. Cuba is a vibrant, fun and unique holiday destination and just wandering around the streets or along the beaches is entertainment enough for most visitors. There are, however, plenty of cultural and historical attractions for those who enjoy more traditional sightseeing, including the Museo de la Revolucion, the Capitolio Nacional, and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Then there are the fabulous beaches, mercifully largely free of the rampant resort development you'll find elsewhere in the Caribbean. And the beaches are not the only natural wonders. It is a pity that many visitors never get out of the capital because the countryside holds a wealth of natural splendour and interesting attractions, such as the sugarcane palaces of Trinidad and the colonial city of Sancti Spiritus. Cuba is also developing its potential for eco-tourism with environmentally stunning areas like the Montemar Natural Park which includes forests, marshes and beautiful clear lagoons. The cave systems of Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas are also pleasantly unspoiled, allowing for a more authentic caving experience than many of the glitzy tourist-orientated caves found on the international circuit.

Bellas Artes Museum

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The Bellas Artes Museum was founded in 1913 and is now split into two buildings, both architecturally interesting and impressive, housing International and Cuban art respectively. Both fine art collections are worthy of detailed exploration and should delight any visitor interested in art.

The Colección...  see full details

Revolution Museum

Museo de la Revolución

Formerly the Presidential Palace and headquarters of the Cuban government, this impressive building now houses documents, photographs and artefacts pertaining to the Cuban Revolution. The museum provides an excellent introduction to Cuba's historical struggle for independence - there are even blood-stained and bullet-riddled uniforms on...  see full details

Capitolio, Havana

Capitolio Nacional

One of Havana's grandest pieces of architecture, the Capitolio is an important landmark and one of Centro Habana's major touristic sights. It was designed to resemble the US Capitol in Washington DC, and the similarity is obvious. A monumental stone stairway leads to the...  see full details

Old Havana

Habana Vieja (Old Havana)

Old Havana (Habana Vieja) is a very special area in Cuba which delights travellers and locals alike. This historic section of Cuba's capital was founded in 1519 and for centuries was an important naval port of colonial Spain. Being in such a strategic position,...  see full details

Santo Tomas caves

Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás

Cuba's largest cave system, with more than 29 miles (46km) of underground galleries spanning eight different levels, the Santo Tomás caves are situated about 10 miles (16km) west of Vinales.

Very informative, 90-minute guided tours take visitors 138 feet (42m) above the valley floor into...  see full details

Valley of the Sugar Mills

Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills)

This picturesque emerald valley was once the centre of the sugar trade industry in Cuba, and home to the plantations that brought wealth and prosperity to Trinidad in the 18th and 19th centuries. At the peak of the sugar trade there were over...  see full details

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Located 55 miles (88km) north of Trinidad, the city of Santa Clara is best known for its Che Memorial at the Plaza de la Revolución, and monuments relating to the Cuban Revolution. The armoured train monument (Monumento a la Toma del Tren Blindado) marks...  see full details

El Malecon

El Malécon

A five-mile (8km) esplanade, roadway and seawall, running between the harbour in Old Havana and the historically Russian area of Vedado, a stroll along El Malécon is the perfect way to start any Havana adventure.

The two-hour walk, described by many as a cross-section...  see full details



With 22 miles (36km) of sandy, white, palm-fringed beach, Varadero Beach has often been referred to as one of the world's most beautiful. The incredibly clear water makes for amazing diving, fishing and snorkelling opportunities, and children splashing around will even be able to...  see full details