'You go to heaven if you want - I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.' gushed Mark Twain in the 19th century, and Bermuda's promise of sun, sea and paradise still lures thousands of vacationers to its shores year after year. The island is surrounded by a fantastic coral reef that harbours colourful fish and has ensnared scores of shipwrecks, making for memorable diving and snorkelling at spots like Elbow Beach in Paget Parish. Elsewhere, the crystal-clear waters of Southampton Parish provide the perfect conditions for kayaking and yachting.

The offerings on land are splendid as well. Visitors can play a round at one of nine world-class golf courses, including the Belmont Golf Club, Ocean View Golf Course, Port Royal Golf Course, St. George's Golf Club, and The Fairmont Southampton Golf Club. Booking ahead in summer is advised. Tourists can also hike peaceful trails and sunbathe on glorious, pink-sand beaches, or stroll the crooked streets of the colonial settlement of the Town of St George, Britain's oldest surviving town in the New World, which is so well preserved it has been designated a World Heritage site.

Bermuda boasts a balmy climate that's comfortable for most of the year and friendly people who readily strike up conversations with strangers. There is plenty of distinctive local colour as well, from a landscape of tidy pastel houses to dapper businessmen dressed in Bermuda shorts.

Somerset Bridge

Somerset Island

The world's smallest drawbridge links Somerset Island to Bermuda's main island. The section that flips up is only two feet (60cm) across, just wide enough to allow a sailboat mast through. At the centre of the island set in nine hectares (22 acres)...  see full details

Warwick Long Bay


Whether sunbathing, swimming, or entertaining the kids, there is a beach in Bermuda for all-comers. The sweeping half-moon of Horseshoe Bay is recognised as one of the world's finest beaches. Wawrick Long Bay, on the east fringe of South Shore Park coastal reserve,...  see full details

Spittal Pond

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Bermuda's largest and most accessible nature reserve offers excellent trails and the island's finest bird watching. The reserve attracts scores of migratory shorebirds and waterfowl, with the greatest variety to be found during spring and autumn. Of the two dozen shorebird species that feed...  see full details

Royal Navy Dockyard Clocktower

King's Wharf

A former Royal Naval Dockyard turned holiday resort, King's Wharf is a favourite port of call for cruise liners visiting Bermuda. The old Georgian maritime fort has been re-invented into a playground for the thousands of cruise passengers who come ashore. The old...  see full details


Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo

Situated in the picturesque Flatts Village, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo was founded in 1926 and is one of the world's oldest aquariums. The aquarium is home to over 200 species of fish, making it a fantastic place to spend the day...  see full details

Maritime Museum

Bermuda Maritime Museum

Displaying over 500 years of maritime history, the Bermuda Maritime Museum is a wonderful place to take the kids for a day out in Bermuda. At the museum visitors learn about Bermuda's discovery and early settlement through a collection of 16th and 17th...  see full details

Railway Trail

Bermuda Railway Trail

Bermuda used to have a public railway that served the island's eastern and western cities between 1931 and 1948. In 1984, the government opened the Bermuda Railway Trail as a walking trail and bridle path. A great way to spend a few hours...  see full details

Tropical Fish

Bermuda Snorkel Park

Located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, the Bermuda Snorkel Park is a wonderful place for kids to explore the marine life that surrounds this island. There is even a beach bar and restaurant where parents can relax with a cocktail while the...  see full details


Hartley's Undersea Walk

Bermuda's best-loved tourist attraction, the Hartley Diving Helmet, allows anyone - even those who can't swim - a chance to spend some time on the sea floor, with ten feet of turquoise water above them, and a perfect view of tropical parrotfish...  see full details