Argentina Horse Riding

Horse ranch, Mendoza © Almonroth

In a country where a game on horseback (pato) is the national sport, and cowboys (gauchos) still ranch the land, going horse riding is a must for visitors wanting to get a feel for the beautiful landscapes, culture and traditions. Horse riding has played a major role in Argentina's history, economy and folklore, making it an ideal method of exploring the country. Estancios, or ranches, across Argentina provide visitors with the opportunity to experience life in the Argentinean countryside.

Embark on a horseback ride across the mountains, woods, beaches and streams of Argentina, an activity for all ages and abilities. There are guided rides across this beautiful country's diverse terrain and most guides will give riders a brief theory lesson before departure. Compliant criollo horses, saddled in comfortable long-haul tack, are generally used for these excursions.

Riding in north Argentina's Iguazú region, along paths only accessible on horseback, visitors can enjoy the sounds and sights of the rainforest. The Mendoza Province, at the foot of the Andes, is another great horse-riding destination. Here, beautiful San Isidro is one of the favourites, as are the cisterns (aljibes) of the Huarpe settlements and the Laguna del Diamante Lake. At the Boquerón Hacienda in Tierra del Fuego, travellers can enjoy an authentic Argentine ranching experience.