While the transportation infrastructure in Maputo is fairly undeveloped, visitors should nevertheless have no trouble getting around the city. Minibus taxis (chapas) operate along regular routes throughout Maputo, and are a fast and relatively cheap means of getting around the city. Minibus taxis have their routes posted in the front of the vehicle. A conductor calls out the destination when the vehicle approaches a stop. Visitors should use their discretion when travelling by chapa, as they aren't always the safest and the quality of driving varies considerably. Taxi cabs are also available in Maputo. Usually they aren't metered so it's best to negotiate a fare before getting into the vehicle. Visitors in Maputo can opt for hiring a car. Driving is a perfectly viable option for getting around, especially for those wanting to explore beyond city limits. Visitors planning to drive in Maputo should note that many of the roads are in disrepair and a 4x4 may be the best option. The city centre is relatively easy and safe to walk around during the day. But walking at night isn't encouraged due to security concerns.