Eger Attractions

One of the oldest cities in Hungary, Eger is bursting with charm and attractions: intriguing treasures for the history buff; relaxing spa treatments and mineral baths for the pleasure seeker; and full-bodied red wine for the gourmet.

There's plenty to see and do in Eger, which as inhabited since the Stone Age. Apart from the many tourist attractions, visitors will find all the facilities and amenities to be of a high standard. Getting around is easy, as is finding accommodation, booking tours, and taking excursions out into the surrounding countryside.

Eger is full of Baroque architecture and grand buildings, with a lovely pedestrianised old town that makes a good starting point for visitors. Eger has over 200 historical monuments, including Eger Castle; the Lyceum with its magnificent frescoed library and minaret; and the Archbishop's Cathedral, containing the country's largest organ. The striking pink and white structure on Dobó István Square is the twin-towered Minorite Church, arguably Hungary's most beautiful Baroque building.

There is a beautiful valley full of vineyards just outside of Eger called Szepasszony, where visitors can explore the century-old cellars and taverns and sample the region's brilliant wines. The other famous attraction of Eger is its mineral baths and there are several establishments where you can enjoy spa treatments or soak up the health in pools and baths. The most popular of these is the simply named Mineral Bath Swimming Pool Park.

Eger Castle

Eger Castle

Sitting on the site of numerous historical events, Eger Castle overlooks its town namesake and is one of the most popular and famous attractions in Hungary. The original buildings included a cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, itself dating back from the 13th century....  see full details

Eger Vineyard

Szépasszony Valley (Valley of the Pretty Woman)

With its rolling vineyards and century-old cellars and taverns, Szépasszony Valley is a favourite attraction in Eger. Wine producers welcome visitors into their quaint old cellars, hollowed out of the porous rock hundreds of years ago. Here, some of the country's finest red...  see full details

Cave bath

Mineral Bath Swimming Pool Park

The Mineral Bath Swimming Pool Park in Eger is considered the biggest and best in the country. It offers a selection of pools and mineral baths. They are indoor or outdoor, hot or cold, and recreational or health-related. It's a great place to...  see full details