Addis Ababa Attractions

There is plenty to see and do in Addis Ababa. But the journey to the attractions is frequently more interesting than the sights themselves. This is particularly the case should visitors choose to walk the city and navigate their way to the main museums and buildings.

It's a good idea to hire a taxi driver for a daily fee and have him drive you around. Those who choose to rely on maps and GPS should note that roads frequently change names. Travellers should be aware of scams that involve 'cultural shows', taking place in backstreet venues. If visitors do wish to see traditional dancing and music, they should simply dine at any decent and reputable restaurant where such attractions are provided free.

As for mainstream attractions in Addis Ababa, travellers shouldn't miss paying Lucy a visit at the National Museum, doing a bit of shopping at the Merkato (one of the largest markets in Africa) and seeing the wonderful cultural artefacts in the Ethnological Museum, and relics of the city's past in the Addis Ababa Museum.

It's also worth keeping their eyes open for the numerous concrete Soviet statues and buildings that dot the city. There is a good tourist information booth off Meskel Square if tourists need some impartial advice or want a reliable tour guide.

Mercato, Addis Ababa


The Mercato is one of the largest outdoor markets in Africa and Addis Ababa's most colourful sight. Ideal for souvenirs, there are tailors, spice merchants, and purveyors of just about every commodity under the sun, including wonderful Ethiopian coffee. Mercato is memorable but...  see full details

National Museum

National Museum of Ethiopia

This museum has a varied range of exhibits displayed across three floors and covering a wide scope of Ethiopian history from the prehistoric to the contemporary. The museum is not world-class in terms of its facilities or exhibition space, but it does contain...  see full details

St George's Cathedral, Addis Ababa

St George's Cathedral

St George's Cathedral was founded by the great Emperor Menelik to commemorate his 1896 victory over the invading Italian army. A relic of St George was carried into battle by the Ethiopians and the emperor built the cathedral to pay tribute to the...  see full details