Havana Kids Attractions

There are many fun places for children in Havana, both educational and recreational. The Acuario Nacional has dolphin and seal shows, while the Camara Obscura will give them a great look at the city through its telescopic lens. The Isla del Coco amusement park, located in Playa, is the largest in Havana and good fun for the whole family.

There are a few parks in Old Havana with play areas for children. Some have entry fees, but these are usually in Cuban Pesos and amount to a few cents. Lenin Park is enormous, and has everything from swimming pools and horseback riding to a zoo and an amusement park. Parque La Maestranza in Old Havana is less extensive, but has play areas, pony rides and a train ride.

There are also plenty of stunning wilderness areas close to Havana, such as the Montemar Natural Park, which make for good family excursions and daytrips. Kids seem to particularly love the crocodile farm at Montemar.

Havana is a colourful, laid-back and friendly city which makes it a good destination if you are travelling with kids in Cuba. Just walking around the bustling streets and strolling along the promenade will be amusing for the whole family. And the beaches will delight everyone.

Cuban Pygmy Owl

Montemar Natural Park

Cuba is developing its eco-tourism potential and one of the prime spots for getting back to nature is the Montemar Natural Park on the Zapata Peninsula in the province of Matanzas (about 75 miles/120km from Havana). The hour long drive from Havana is...  see full details

Acuario Nacional

Acuario Nacional

This aquarium, located in Habana Vieja, is a scientific research centre which aims to educate the public and conserve marine life. The aquarium features about eight big tanks displaying some truly beautiful freshwater and saltwater fish, along with coral and other tropical species. The first...  see full details

Camera Oscura

Camera Obscura

A Camera Obscura is a dark room in which a lens and a series of mirrors reflect images of exterior surroundings onto a concave surface. Leonardo da Vinci first described such a camera in 1490. The Camara Obscura in Havana is in the...  see full details