Hamilton Attractions

A holiday in Hamilton is a holiday in the principal harbour town of one of the world's favourite Caribbean islands. Tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions and activities in the city. No one who travels to Bermuda can avoid visiting Hamilton, the focal point of the island's historic sight-seeing and tourist attractions. From Hamilton all the sightseeing boats, ferries and local buses depart and all the cruise liners arrive, and its busy Front Street is the main shopping area of the island.

Front Street is the life and soul of Hamilton City and centre of all the main activities. This is where most of the island's glittering shops, great restaurants, retail shops and many other commercial establishments like banks and insurance companies are located. And as expected, this is the busiest place in the island. A good place to start exploring is the Visitor's Information Center located next to the Hamilton ferry terminal. There are complimentary pocket maps and brochures available, and visitors can leave from here to enjoy the attractions on foot, or take the option of carriage ride - there is nothing more romantic than a horse drawn carriage taking a stately route through Hamilton City. There are of course buses as well that can take visitors to various points within the city and the outskirts in Pembroke parish.

From Hamilton it is a 15-minute walk to one of Bermuda's more recent attractions, the state-of-the-art Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. This is a multi-million dollar institute built to showcase the natural wonders of the surrounding oceans. The Institute offers a simulated dive in a capsule and interactive exhibits detailing local reef wrecks, plant and animal life. Also worth visiting is the Bermuda Historical Society Museum.

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton is a substantial Victorian fort with a panoramic view of Hamilton Harbour, built in the mid-19th century during a period of rising tensions between Britain and the USA. The ramparts are mounted with 18 ton artillery pieces capable of firing 400...  see full details

Bermudiana flower

Botanical Gardens

Paget is a delightful park providing the perfect environment to experience the island's flora. It is a fragrant haven of exotic subtropical plants, flowers, and trees. Highlights of this 36-acre paradise include the palm garden with native palmetto trees, the subtropical fruit garden,...  see full details

Flamingos at the Bermuda Aquarium

Harrington Sound

Harrington Sound is a large inland sea five miles (8km) northeast of Hamilton. Its calm waters provide perfect sailing territory. The Sound is linked to the ocean by the narrow Flatts Inlet where changes to the tide are magnified and waters rush beneath a...  see full details

Harrington Sound's Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves

The stretch of land between Harrington Sound and Castle Harbour is riddled with caves. Located 80 feet (24m) underground, Crystal Caves never ceases to amaze with its dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. There is a wonderful walk over the pontoon bridge to Cahow Lake,...  see full details

Railway Trail

Bermuda Railway Trail

Bermuda used to have a public railway that served the island's eastern and western cities between 1931 and 1948. In 1984, the government opened the Bermuda Railway Trail as a walking trail and bridle path. A great way to spend a few hours...  see full details