The Danube Bend Attractions

Vac © beta.robot


Vác is a pretty Baroque town on the east bank of the Danube Bend. Vác is an accessible and popular tourist destination in Hungary, especially as a day trip from Budapest. But despite its many attractions and charms, it's wonderfully less crowded than some of the other famous towns on the Danube Bend. The stunning cathedral, founded by the first Hungarian King, St Stephen, is the most popular attraction in Vác, though there are many other sites to visit. A more macabre attraction is the Memento Mori Crypt, which houses a number of naturally mummified corpses and the incredibly well-preserved clothes and decorated coffins belonging to them. The Memento Mori Crypt is a very famous archaeological discovery which has enabled several breakthroughs in science and ethnography and is listed as a World Heritage Site. Vác also has a wonderful pedestrianised town square, surrounded by colourful buildings and a splendid promenade along the Danube River.