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Baalbek Temple Complex
Baalbek Temple Complex © upyernoz

Temples of Baalbek

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temple complex found at Baalbek contains the world's best surviving example of imperial Roman architecture. The small town in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley is just 53 miles (86km) from Beirut.

An ancient area rich in history, it was known as Heliopolis, meaning 'City of the Sun', during the Hellenistic Period. Today, the towering, intricately-carved monuments of Baalbek continue to amaze and delight visitors to the region.

Even for non-history buffs, a visit to the acropolis at Baalbek is deeply fascinating. It represents a confluence of exquisitely-preserved Greco-Roman architecture built over the course of two centuries.

Consisting of 24 monoliths, numerous religious structures, and the grand Temple of Jupiter, the temples of Baalbek are an essential inclusion in any Lebanese travel itinerary. Moreover, the town of Baalbek is a wonderful place to stop over and rest for a few days on your Middle Eastern adventure.